Dynamo - Management of dynamic networks and the performance of industrial systems

The main target of Dynamo research project is to create new concepts and methods for the management and control of business relationships and networks. A broader vision of the project is to identify the general trends in the future success factors of the management of business relationships and networks.

Dynamo project aims to build practical tools especially for the management of performance and growth in networked environment in order to find answers to wide variety of questions take place in the context of industrial networks:

  • What is the effect of networking on the performance of companies and competitiveness of national/regional economies?
  • What is the benefit for a company when belonging to a network?
  • How to manage a network that includes many kinds of partners?
  • How to join many different networks at the same time?
  • How to gain growth and economies of scale through networking?
  • How to develop new business ideas through networking?
  • How networks can offer integrated services to end customers?
  • How to measure the performance of networked business?
  • What is the effect of networking on the costs and cost structures of companies?
  • Why should one be open in networks?
  • Why should one invest in joint operations if it calls for resources?
  • How to keep one's core competence and still cooperate with network partners?

The Dynamo project is funded by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), VTT (Technical Research Center of Finland) and partner companies.

Additional information

Harri Kulmala
Senior Research Scientist
+358 20 722 3305