Fire Dynamics Simulator with Evacuation


FDS+Evac is the evacuation simulation module for Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS). The software is used to simulate the movement of people in evacuation situations. The evacuation simulations can be fully coupled with the fire simulations.

The main features of FDS+Evac are

  • Agent based simulation of humans
  • Movement algorithm based on the Panic model
  • Simple, text based definition of the scenarios
  • Post-processing using Smokeview software
  • Fire effects are calculated using the Fractional Effective Dose (FED) concept

These pages contain information on

The reports of the development project are now available:
Development and validation of FDS+Evac for evacuation simulations
VTT Research Notes 2421, 2008
Experimental observations of evacuation situations
VTT Working Papers 85. 2007
Fire Dynamics Simulator with Evacuation: FDS+Evac - Technical Reference and User’s Guide
VTT Working Papers 119. 2009


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland makes no warranty, expressed or implied, to users of FDS+Evac, and accepts no responsibility for its use.

Additional information

Timo Korhonen
Senior Scientist
+358 20 722 4945 (GMT +02:00)