InnoFireWood - Innovative eco-efficient, high-fire-performance wood products for demanding applications


The basis for a new generation of innovative wood products has been developed in the InnoFireWood project. The main characteristics of such products are substantial improvements in fire performance with maintained eco-efficiency, durability, and other properties of the original wood product. Industrial relevance, sustainable production, and end-use applications were in main focus. This type of products will increase the competitiveness of wood products in relation to other building products. The project was conducted in close co-operation between Sweden and Finland. In addition to research institutes, industry was represented by several companies producing wood products or fire retardants.

Project documents

State-of-the-art -report (html)

State-of-the-art -report (pdf)

The final report of the project (pdf)

Internal report of the project (pdf)

Additional information

Birgit Östman
Project Coordinator, Gruppchef, SP Trätek, Sweden
+46 8 762 1871