Sebi - Semantic Business Interoperability

Business information interoperability through semantic technologies.

The objective of the Sebi-project is to research how information interoperability between separate data systems and data storages can be realised quickly and with low costs using semantic technologies. The aim of the project is to intensify the agile working method of the companies by supporting comprehensive, efficient and transparent information management in company’s processes. In semantic interoperability of business information the tendency is to perform information and system interoperability through data meaning, thus data semantics. Semantic interoperability means company’s dynamic ability to adaptively control its business processes, the knowledge of company, business rules and the software application interoperability. In order to achieve this there is need for software applications able to inference, connect, interpret and categorise the implicit meaning of digital content without human interference.

Additional information

Heli Helaakoski
Project Manager
+358 20 722 2420