TL2025 - Turvallinen liikenne 2025 | Traffic Safety 2025


Traffic Safety in 2025 – Studies in 2014

Future potential of the Traffic Conflict Technique
The Traffic Conflict Technique is designed to register the occurrence of near accidents in traffic. This study aims to review the development and current state of this technique and to evaluate application areas of the technique in the future.

Penetration of ESC in Finland
The main aim of this study is to assess the penetration of electronic stability control (ESC) in Finland. In addition, possibilities for including information about driver support systems in the records of Trafi will be explored.

Cost-effective reduction of the number of fatalities in head-on collisions
In Finland, several factors have limited the building of median barriers such as the requirement for sufficient sight distance and the needs of pedestrians and bicyclists. In this study, we aim to draw up a preliminary plan for a cost-effective median barrier solution at a selected site. In addition, the feasibility, impacts and cost-effectiveness of the suggested measures will be evaluated.

Effects of the proportion of studded tyres on roughness and polishing of icy road surfaces
This field study will be designed to compare to what degree various proportions of studded tyres in traffic affect the roughness and polishing of icy road surfaces.

Comparison of road accidents in Finland, Sweden and the UK
This study compares road safety in Finland, Sweden and the UK in terms of road accidents, involved vehicles, injuries and the traffic environment. The study focuses on the main differences between the countries and the severity of accidents.

Safety effects of wintertime speed limits
This study will investigate the development of road safety and specific characteristics of accidents in wintertime. The main traffic and speed data will be obtained from the database of automatic traffic stations. Several factors affecting road safety will be taken into account, e.g. recent extension of automatic speed control and the general improvement of road safety.

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