TL2025 - Turvallinen liikenne 2025 | Traffic Safety 2025


Traffic Safety in 2025 – Studies in 2014

1. Effects of speed on road safety and the environment

Scientific evidence for the safety and environmental effects of driving speed and speed limits will be reviewed.

2. Review and assessment of safety measures for road-railway level crossings

This study includes a review of factors affecting safety of road-railway level crossings and a systematic evaluation of related safety measures.

3. Driver assistance systems and crashworthiness of cars in Finland – a pilot study

This study examines available data for (a) penetration of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in Finland and (b) evaluation of safety effects of ADAS and recent improvement of crashworthiness of cars.

4. Effects of automation on road traffic

An extensive assessment of the effects of automation on road traffic will be conducted. The main aspects include transport system, technology, traffic flow, travel behaviour and road user behaviour.

5. Safety of median barriers – a pilot study

This study explores Swedish findings from median barrier roads. The main focus is on narrow two-lane roads. 

6. Studded and unstudded winter tyres in fatal road accidents

This study compares the safety effects of studded and unstudded winter tyres based on fatal accident data collected by road accident investigation teams.

7. Development of an advanced management and analysis tool of accident data

This work explores potential use of a tool for advanced management and analysis of accident data that originated in 2009. The main needs and development potential will be examined.

8. Defects of vehicles not having undergone periodic inspection

This study investigates the defects of vehicles that have not undergone periodic inspections in due time. A selection of such vehicles identified by traffic enforcement will be examined. The safety problem caused by vehicles not having undergone periodic inspections in due time will be assessed.

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