Fundamental studies of synthesis gas production based on fluidised-bed gasification of biomass

The research in this project is directed towards methods of producing transportation bio-fuels via the synthesis-gas route, with emphasis on the  steps of the synthesis-gas production and gas cleaning steps.

The project will both broaden and deepen the knowledge base and, in particular, will generate new fundamental information about the most critical process steps from the point of view of the realisation of the technology. The results will be exploited in the ongoing industrial-driven development and demonstration projects.

The subtopics of the research project are:

  1. Fuel characterisation and ash behaviour in the gasification step

  2. Reaction mechanisms related to gas cleaning, in particular the reactions of hydrocarbons at gasification temperatures, during hot-gas filtration and on catalytic surfaces

  3. Evaluations of alternative process configurations and applications

  4. Monitoring of developments elsewhere in the world

  5. New analysis techniques

  6. Hydrogen from biomass via gasification

The research is done in collaboration with other research organisations and the steering group of the project is composed of the most important parties in the field of synthesis-gas development and utilising. UCGFunda is a project in the Tekes BioRefine programme.

Additional information

Matti Reinikainen
Project Manager, Dr.
+358 50 563 41 37