VantagePoint is a software tool that visualizes semantic context information in Web Ontology Language (OWL) using Jena Semantic Web framework. VantagePoint provides a possibility to build contextual models of different environments without requiring any particular knowledge of ontologies. Through simple graphical operations users are able to create and edit the semantic context models and thus simulate virtual or existing environments. By populating the models with illustrative 3D icons, the different objects can be concretized and located in their exact positions.

VantagePoint supports the integration of heterogenous data by allowing to attach additional information to different objects and elements. The information held by VantagePoint context models can be effectively retrieved with extensive querying possibilities. The semantic context models created with VantagePoint are saved as ‘owl’ files that can be used by applications or published as context sources for more dynamic use. VantagePoint is designed especially for those application developers who need ontologies and contextual data in their work.

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Julia Kantorovitch
Senior Researcher, Distributed systems and protocols

Jarmo Kalaoja
Research Scientist, Service Architectures