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POLARIC - Printable, Organic and Large-Area Realisation of Integrated Circuits

Polaric project aims to increase the performance of organic electronics and decrease the cost of fabrication.

  • Upscaling the fabrication processes of the organic electronics for low cost applications
  • Downscaling the feature sizes of organic circuits
  • Development of organic complementary transistor technology towards large-scale manufacturing
  • Development of design, testing, and standardisation of organic electronics
  • Demonstrators designed to meet the performance improvement, process development, and exploitation plans



  • Demonstration of the overall production process of high performance organic electronics
  • Technology to open new business opportunities in the printed electronics market
  • Wide awareness of the POLARIC project and it’s results after active dissemination through various channels
  • Standardisation



Additional information
Kimmo Solehmainen
Project Manager
+358 20 722 7260
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Polaric is a part of EU FP7's Photonic & Organic Electronics programme
POLARIC | EU FP7 | 2010 - 2013